Investor Relations:
Beaumont Capital works with top management to forcefully articulate our client's market strategy, corporate culture and competitive advantages.

Creating communications tools that are informed by a deep understanding of our clients' businesses, products and markets.

Providing management with top-quality intelligence about how they are perceived by the investment community.

Offering advice that is informed by a rigorous understanding of SEC regulations, decades of experience with hundreds of public companies, and a deep understanding of both our clients’ businesses and market perceptions.

We believe that a carefully crafted communications strategy helps maintain a company's price-to-earnings multiple at the top tier of its peer group, reduces volatility in the share price, and help to build long-term investment horizons with both institutional and individual shareholders. A rigorous approach to disclosure keeps the corporate message focused, deals effectively with rumors, and encourages shareholder loyalty.

Beaumont offers a comprehensive package of communications services, including Corporate profile and annual reports, web design, visual identity and presentation graphics.

At Beaumont we lend clients our considerable experience in the fields of IPO’s, RTO’s, mergers and acquisitions as well as financings and venture capital with accredited investors.

Current Offerings
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